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2012…a year in pictures

30 Dec

From Syria to Bosnia and from Pakistan to Libya, 2012 was an amazing year. The horrors of the War in Syria. Unrest and killing of U.S. Ambassador in Libya. Trouble in Pakistan; the shooting of girl Malala by the taliban. 2012 was also 20 years after the beginning of the Siege of Sarajevo. Me and @jenanmoussa have traveled this year like crazy. So here a collection of our pics. Mostly Syria but also Pakistan, Libya, Bosnia and Dubai.

Syrian Jihadi group Kataib Al Muhajirin threatens to fire missiles towards Israel

25 Dec

Syrian jihadi group Kataib Al Muhajirin has recently published on an Al Qaeda-related website two pictures of what it says are “big missiles” captured from the Assad-regime forces.

Above the two pics of the missiles, the group has written the text: “To al Quds insha’Allah” – “To Jerusalem God willing”.

As I am not a military expert, I have no clue what kind of rockets or missiles these are.

Below a screenshot and 2 pics of the  missiles:


Mighty top of Tirich Mir, Pakistan

23 Dec


Most wonderful spot on earth – Tirich Mir, Pakistan

23 Dec




Pics on Alqaeda forum of Syria jihadi outfit Kataib al Muhajireen showing what they claim are “dogs of Assad” and “A soldier clearly being a cross bearer” (meaning: a Christian)

23 Dec

I found these photos below recently on a pro-AlQaeda web forum.

Pics were published with the following text:

asalamua’laikum wr wb

-Kataib al Muhajireen-

||| Prisoners of War |||

Images of some of the captured Dogs of Asad’s Army !!!

A soldier clearly being a cross bearer


Pics of training camp Jabhat al Nusra front, Syria. Photo’s were recently posted on AlQaeda related website.

11 Dec

Here some pics of mentally handicapped people in Aleppo, stuck under shelling in the old city

8 Dec