Here statement Yilmaz confirming he indeed has joined Islamic State, admits he earlier was with Jund Al Aqsa

So the rumor is true – Dutch-Turkish soldier turned jihadist in Syria, Yilmaz aka Chechclear aka Israfil, has joined the Islamic State (IS).

This according to a statement which Yilmaz/Chechclear/Israfil published on May 8 2015 on his blog.

In the statement, written in English, the Dutchman also admits he earlier belonged to Jund Al-Aqsa, an extremist Islamist group linked to Al-Qaeda in Syria (Jabhat al Nusra – JN). After hostilities broke out between JN and IS (end 2013, beginning 2014), Jund al-Aqsa distanced itself from JN and refused to make a choice between supporting either JN or IS.

Until now Yilmaz/Chechclear/Israfil always denied he belonged to any particular jihadi outfit in northern Syria. He would describe himself as “a freelancer”, which was of course rather unrealistic as all foreign fighters are members of a group.

The statement (more or less a Q&A with himself) starts below:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

  • Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I’m writing this short summary of slander, lies and gossip just to clarify certain matters that have occurred over the last couple of months without taking from, or adding to the truth In shaa Allah.
  • 1. Israfil (Yılmaz) was arrested by JN accused of being a spy for IS/Turkish intelligence/Dutch intelligence etc etc.
  • Reply: By Allah, I was never detained by JN and/or any other group. Some very close brothers of mine got arrested and taken into custody by JN accused of trying to join IS. But Alhamdulillah they are free now.
  • Secondly if there is anybody that claims I am a spy or an agent working for so and so, then bring forth your evidence if you are truthful and if found guilty I will give you my own sword to take off my head in public or better just remain silent.
  • 2. Isrāfīl (Yılmaz) was sick of the Jihad and went back to his family in Turkey.
  • Reply: Whoever fabricated this lie should slap himself in the face for Jihad is that which gives one life, and by the Mercy of Allah (SWT) I have not grown sick of this life, as a matter of fact I have grown more fond of it and by the Will of Allah (SWT) will stay firm on it.
  • 3. Isrāfīl (Yılmaz) has joined The Islamic State!!!
  • Reply: This is true. At one point I was a critic of IS, but after following the direction of the many arrows of the kuffar, and staying with and around other groups I soon came to realize that here in Syria the most forward, the most sincere brothers are those that have joined IS. Their ideology is clear, they take from nothing other than the Quran and the Sunnah, and that of the Ijmah of the Sahabah (RA)- little do they fear the blame of the blamers and they implement the most complete of Shariah I have seen here in Syria. Alhamdulillah, I truly feel that being here and living here is what Allah (SWT) intended for his slaves and In shaa Allah the future will be filled with more and more blessings of the Most High (Allah).
  • 4. Isrāfīl (Yılmaz) is a nationalistic Turk who hates the Kurdish people.
  • Reply: I hate those who Islam teaches us to hate, and I love those who Islam teaches us to love. I have many close Kurdish friends here in Jihad, whom I love for the Sake of Allah (SWT) and who are more dear to me than my own family.
  • 5. Isrāfīl (Yılmaz) lured in a 18 year old girl to fight alongside him in IS, after luring her in he raped her and sold her to a comrade Tunisian fighter. Her mother then sneaked into Ar-Raqqah and heroically saved her daughter from the grasp of the evil barbaric Mujahideen.
  • Reply: May Allah (SWT) break the back of the murtad kafir (a “Muslim” politician named Ibrahim Wijbenga working for a Christian kafir political party in Holland) that wrote all these lies about me.
  • Yes I was married to an 18 year old sister from Holland for a very short period of time. After her 3 month iddah (waiting period after divorce) she got married to a Turkish brother from Germany, whom she herself proposed to from what I was been told. I was happy for her and assuming she was in good hands and happy left it for what it was. Her husband then sent her to Turkey for medical reasons from what I was been told and her mother was waiting for her at the other side of the border in Reyhanli (Turkish border town). I wasn’t in IS at the time neither did her mother set foot in Syria let alone in Ar-Raqqah. The quite opposite, her mother was having coffee in a hotel with a Canadian brother who later joined Jund Al Aqsa (the group I was with at the time, he told me he regognised her mother and that he drank coffee with her in a hotel in Turkey right before he made the crossing into Syria) For those who know Turkey/Syria Reyhanli is far from IS territory. And would one think a Mujahid would sell a Muslim sister? We came here to give our lives for their honor and now all of a sudden we are selling them amongst each other? Auzubillah.
  • Many other lies, slander and gossip have been going around about me, all I can say is fear Allah (SWT) eating a dead mule is better for you than back biting a Muslim. Best is to remain silent if you have no knowledge about the matter. And if not, I’m not hard to find- ask me directly and you will get a straight forward and honest answer In shaa Allah.
  • Of all things we make dua that our Creator is pleased with us.
  • Forgive me if I have wronged any of you, and make lots of dua for me In shaa Allah.
  • -Isrāfīl

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