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What a mess in Syria and Iraq

27 Jun

Maliki wants Russian & Belarusian planes to bomb ISIS in Iraq. US drones already fly over Iraq, 300 US advisers on the ground. Iran sending more and more armed advisers and soldiers to Iraq and Syria. For a  decade, US delivering weapons and military stuff to the Iraqi army to fight ISIS. US weapons and material now in hands of ISIS after Iraq army ran away for ISIS in Iraq’s west. ISIS now fighting with its US-made weapons against  moderate rebels in Syria, who will receive $500 million of American aid so they can fight ISIS. US drones soon bombing US-made Humvee’s being driven by the sons of Bin Laden and Zarqawi. Iraqi Shiite fighters who moved from Iraq to Syria to help Assad, now heading back to Iraq to aid Maliki. Libyan Sunni fighters on jihad in Syria against Assad now travelling back to Libya to fight anti-Islamist general Haftar in Libya’s east. Lebanese militia Hezbollah fighting in Syria, soon expanding to Iraq. Planes of the Assad regime – an American enemy – bombing  ISIS on Syria/Iraqi border to help Maliki, an American ally. ISIS-jihadists in Syria and Iraq hail from over 40 different countries – mostly Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, UK, Holland, Saudi and Kuwait. They are hardly Syrian rebels, but rebels in Syria. America, of course, considers ISIS its big enemy. But all ISIS fighters came to Syria  through Turkey; a close friend of the US and an important NATO-member. Western and Arab countries let their local jihadists move to Syria, hoping these extremists would all get killed in Syria’s jihad. An easy way to get rid of your local jihadists. Instead, the jihadists seem to be taking over the Middle East. ISIS now at the gates of Baghdad. ISIS bordering a NATO country and Jordan and Saudi Arabia. US allies Turkey and Gulf telling Iran and the US not to bomb Sunnis in Iraq. Turkish army shooting down Syrian planes above Syria. Syria organizing car bombs inside Turkey. Iraqi Kurds ready to declare independence. Turkey nervous. How will Kurds at home and in Syria respond to an independent Kurdistan? Iraqi refugees who fled to Syria and then back to Iraq and now from Iraq to the Kurdish areas. Lebanese refugees who fled during the 2006-War to Syria and are now back in Syria to fight on the side of the regime. Millions of refugees on the move in and outside Syria, in and outside Iraq. ISIS connecting east-Syria with western Iraq and trying to create a caliphate on what they hope will be the ruins of Jordan, Gulf and the Maghreb.

Bloody hell, is it strange I need an aspirin after typing this?



In z’n eigen woorden: Korwin-Mikke, de Poolse partner van Wilders

19 Jun

Polen-correspondent Michiel van Blommestein twitterde vandaag een paar uitspraken van Korwin-Mikke, de Poolse partner van Wilders.

Ik heb z’n tweets even op een rijtje gezet:


Hier de bio van Korwin Mikke:










9 Jun

My friend in Pakistan sent me this:

Following is the rough English translation of the TTP spokesman statement (in Urdu) regarding Karachi Airport Attack. Find the original TTP statement in Urdu below this post:

TTP Central Spokesman Shahidullah Shahid statement:

“The suicide bomber squad of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) successfully entered in Jinnah International Airport at 10 pm night time, and till morning they fought with thousands of Pakistani security forces personnel and were hitting their targets.

Several security forces personnel and dozens of airplanes were destroyed in the attack, spot was chosen in order to avoid damages to citizens and inflict more damages on govt. Bombers succeeded in this

TTP proudly and with bravery accept responsibility of the attack.  TTP connects this attack to the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud with the secret Pakistani govt help in the US drone strike and also congratulates the Muslim Ummah for the sacrifices of the bombers in which heavy damages were inflicted on the government.

TTP with sincerity initiated talks with Pakistani govt and ex TTP chief obviously spok about such talks initiated with the govt in his last interview and it was also made clear to this govt that if incumbent govt want to use peace talks as a weapon of politics and weapon of war then govt will never succeed in such designs.

TTP showed sincerity in talks and govt responded with the killing of TTP commander Wali ur Rehman and then Hakimullah Mehsud. Govt initiated unannounced operations, several affiliates of TTP were disappeared and also conducted terrible bombing on the innocent tribals.

Govt is firm in replying with terrible military operation in the tribal regions to the sincere efforts of TTP and other Jihadi organizations for Islam and country. On behalf of western powers and in order to make them happy, Pakistani govt finalized the military operation in North Waziristan.

TTP has prepared its plan to deal with such evil attacks. TTP is ready and decided to defend tribesmen after the announcement of war by North Waziristan Commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur.

Karachi airport attack is clear message that govt should abstain from using talks as a tool of war and politics. TTP will never abandon and refuse sincere efforts for peace talks.”


 TTP spokesman statement pic 1

TTP spokesman statement pic2