Amazing camel show by Pakistan’s “Desert Rangers” in Cholistan

21 Feb

By Harald Doornbos (twitter@HaraldDoornbos)

Some places in Pakistan’s Cholistan desert are so remote that jeeps cannot reach it. But camels can. This is one of the reasons Pakistan’s Desert Rangers even today are still using 160 camels to patrol the border with India in the Cholistan Desert in southern Punjab. I had the privilege to see the Desert Rangers in action with their camels during last weekend’s Desert Jeep Rally. Here some of my pictures of this amazing unit performing a camel show in the vicinity of the majestic Derawar Fort.

(Click on pics for large!)

Camels in front of the huge Derawar Fort in Cholistan desert:


I bumped into some Desert Rangers on patrol during Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2014. Hot air balloon in background. Stunning scenery:


Camel in gallop. Rider shows skills by staying “in the saddle” without a saddle:


Upside down. Member of Desert Rangers  was able to stand upside-down while came was trotting. Don’t do this at home:


Here a close up of acrobatic action by Desert Ranger who managed to stay on camel while the animal trotted around 400 meters:


Another balancing act by a soldier. Perfect harmony between men and animal using only a rope while camel walked through desert:


Members of Desert Rangers salute superiors during camel show:


Again, don’t try this at home:


Camel of Punjab Desert Rangers chilling out:


Desert Rangers on the move:


Next four pics show precision skills of two Desert Rangers as camels go in fast trod:

IMG_7788 IMG_7795 IMG_7797 IMG_7800

Guests of honor (on top of camels, from left to right): Punjab Rangers Wing Commander Iftikhar, Minister of State Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman (and son) and Punjab Rangers Brigadier Riaz. Many thanks to all three gentlemen for their hospitality!:


Here some use full links:

Website of Pakistan Rangers:

Wikipedia entry on Pakistan Rangers:

Wikipedia entry on Cholistan Desert:

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