English translation of Orient TV statement on kidnapping of their crew in Aleppo

26 Jul

(translated from Arabic)

Statement from workers at Orient TV:

“We have joined the rebels on all front lines.

We glorified their deeds.

We spoke about their victories and we were always with them in the same line.

We always covered all the revolutionary events in all of Syria.

In the name of Orient TV workers and staff we ask all revolutionary and military groups  – especially Liwa Al Tawheed, Harakat Ahrar Al Sham Al Islamiya, Al Haya’a Al Shariya in Aleppo, The Revolutionary Military Police, Ahrar Suriya, The Brigades of the Men of God, Liwa Al Fateh, Liwa Asifat Al Shamal and all other katibas (military units) working in northern Aleppo countryside – we ask them to work really hard and in a serious matter to release our crew that is kidnapped in Aleppo. They were kidnapped while they were doing their job and telling the truth and supporting the Syrian revolution.

The names of the kidnapped are:

Journalist Obeida Batal

Engineer Hussam Nazim

Assistant engineer Abud Atiq

Long live free Syria!

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