Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: The two missing tweets

19 Apr

When it became clear late on Friday that  @J_tsar (Jahar) was the real twitter account of Dzokhar Tsarnaev (Boston bombing suspect nr 2) he had tweeted 1101 times. (See below)


But within two hours the number of tweets had shrunk by two. According to the account, Jahar had now only tweeted 1099 times. (See below)


On twitter this immediately lead to rumors that  Jahar, despite the massive manhunt,was still online and deleting his own tweets.

This of course is nonsense.

Yes, since April 19 there are two tweets “missing”.

But these two tweets weren’t removed by Jahar himself but by two of his friends. These friends deleted their own tweets which had been re-tweeted by Jahar. This way the total number of tweets on @J_tsar went down from 1101 to 1099.

But which tweets were deleted? And why? And were these tweets of any significance?

What I did is compare Jahar’s original time line (1101 tweets) with the time line two hours later (1099 tweets).

The first tweet which was removed (and does not exist any longer) is this one, originally published by @VitaFiasco (Alexa) on 12 December 2012 and re-tweeted by Jahar:

alexa - Copy

It is not known who @VitaFiasco (Alexa) is. It is also unclear why she suddenly deleted this tweet today and why she used the hashtag #wordsOfaTerrorista

If you scroll through Alexa’s  current time line she seems a friend of Jahar.  Her last tweet is the following re-tweet:

vitafiasco - Copy

Interestingly, on the day of the marathon – and before Jahar’s name was ever mentioned –  Alexa writes this tweet whereby JT might be standing for Jahar Tsarnaev:

alexa did i see - Copy

The second tweet removed from J_Tsar’s account is this one, posted on November 17 2012 by @ErkyTurk (ErikaKaiser). Jahar also re-tweeted this message but as ErikaKaiser deleted this tweet, it does not exist any more on the time line:


Erika Kaiser deleted the tweet on April 19. It is unclear who he or she is.  The text (“My hands on the wheel, uhh, fuck that!”)  is from a song by Schoolboy Q. Erika Kaiser’s twitter account is protected which makes it impossible to check his or her’s timeline.


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